Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is your space animal friendly?

If you've ever walked by our window, you've likely seen our animal friends hanging out! Our space is home to two cats, Lady Magnolia and Beasley (mother-daughter duo), and frequently visited by our infamous pup, Rue. All are remarkably friendly, needy, and loving, but those with allergies or phobias may not do well around them. For our artists, both the space and animals are kept immaculate, but you have to be an animal lover/not afraid of a little bit of fuzz and fur if you're interested in joining our community.

How do I find you?

We're located at 1509 N. Front Street in Fishtown, accessible from both Girard and Berks stations. Feel free to give us a call at 267-273-0086 if you lose your way.

So are you a store or a studio or a gallery?

All of the above! We feature a storefront that blends the aesthetic of a gallery with the atmosphere of a high-end boutique. Our coworking studio is located on the lower level and offers space for artists, freelancers, work-from-home employees, painters, fiber artists, and more. We also host a variety of events throughout the month!

Can I host my event there?

Yes! We request a fee of $100 per hour with a two-hour minimum, including thirty minutes for set-up and breakdown. You're welcome to bring food, beverages, and alcohol; we can provide ice and paper products. Another option: you can become a monthly member, which entitles you to one event per month in the space!

How do you become a member and what does it entail?

For a fee of $100 per month, we offer a unique membership program that doesn't require you to sign an annual contract; you can renew month-to-month to make the membership work for you. Along with the opportunity to host a monthly event in the space, you also enjoy the following exclusive benefits: • 20% off the entire store • 50% off workshop registration • 24/7 access to studio with free wifi • Monthly member happy hours • Complimentary water, beer, cafe amenities

Can I facilitate a workshop in the studio?

Absolutely! Please send a description of the workshop to along with photos, prior workshop experience, and your desired day and time slot. We request a $25 per hour fee from instructors, and they keep 100% of the proceeds (this is a new fee structure than we've used in the past). We handle event registration and online promotion; because our studio is more intimate, however, we cap most workshops at 12 participants.

How do I know what workshops are coming up?

Sign up for our newsletter or follow our Facebook page. Also, make sure you follow us on IG!