Sadie Francis

I’ve been in the environmental field now for almost 15 years. During the day, I work on a policy level and study arboriculture. I am a nature lover
living in a major city, and my work highlights how these two ways of living are not mutually exclusive. During my almost daily long walks in
Philadelphia’s parks and neighborhoods, I go slow and notice what is growing around me, what’s in bloom, what is going to seed, trying to
identify what I can and appreciating the beauty in the subtle details. I started collecting little bits of seeds, fronds, petals, and I decided to try to make something with them. I try to make more interesting pieces than just a pressed flower or dandelion seed; I want to infuse each piece with my own creative style while bringing attention to the natural forms of seeds, branches, pods, and buds, which a lot of us overlook.

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